Unique Wedding Details: The Quintessential Guide for Your Wedding Detail Photos

Unique Wedding Details: The Quintessential Guide for Your Wedding Detail Photos


Flowers, centerpieces, invitations. These are all pretty standard wedding details that a wedding photographer, like myself will photograph on your big day. One might think these components are boring at first glance, after all they aren’t necessarily the photos your grandmother will want to hang over the fireplace, right? And while that is true, these components are important to photograph, as they are a representation of the bride and groom’s unique relationship, which no one else can match. As a wedding photographer, I’ve photographed a ton of wedding details.  Below are my 3 tips (and some of my favorite examples) to help you make sure you have unique wedding details that are as unique as your love!

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Make the Little Things the Big Things for Unique Wedding Details

As a wedding photographer, I communicate a lot with the bride and groom prior to the big day. While preparing them to look amazing in their photos, I also like to prepare them to bring components of their wedding day that they might not think are not necessarily photo worthy. For a bride, this could include the sparkly sneakers you are rocking under your dress or the bottle of perfume your mom gifted you for the big day. For the groom, this could be the personalized mugs you got for your groomsmen and the Jim Beam bottles to accompany them. It’s all these little things put together that make for killer detail photos and photos that help tell more cohesive story of who you both are, separately and as a couple.

Include Components That Are Special To Your Relationship

A super easy way to make your wedding details uniquely yours is to include components of your relationship that are unique to you and your significant other. Duh, right? I know how silly it sounds to have to say that but you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t think of it amongst all the craziness that goes along with a wedding. Let’s say you and your soon to be spouse are huge coffee fans. You can get personalized coffee mugs that say “bride” and “groom” to have out at your sweetheart table and even go as far as to include coffee beans as part of the centerpieces on the guests’ tables. These are subtle details that really go a long way in making your wedding feel more like a celebration of your unique love rather than just “any old wedding”.

Involve Your Guests in On the Fun!

Just because your wedding details are specific to you as a couple doesn’t mean your wedding guests can’t get in on the fun. One of my favorite examples of including your guests in on unique wedding details has to be the custom coffee bar one bride and groom had set up at their reception. In addition to serving up amazing coffee from Buddy Brew Coffee Roasters for guests to indulge in, the couple had custom signage all around the coffee bar that even further cemented the fact that this couple loved coffee and they wanted their guests to enjoy it as much as they did.

Of course, these are just a few examples of how you can make your wedding details unique to your relationship and the possibilities are truly endless. If you are looking for a photographer who is just as excited to capture these unique details as they are your couple portraits, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I can’t wait to hear from you and hear all about how you are going to make your wedding unique!

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