More About Me, a Tampa Wedding Photographer

More About Me, a Tampa Wedding Photographer

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Hey guys! It’s Melissa Galovic, Tampa Bay wedding photographer, Apple Inc. fan girl and self proclaimed FRIENDS trivia master. I wanted to take some time to tell you guys a little bit more about me. Most of my family and friends call me Mel and if you are reading this post, chances are things are getting pretty serious between us, so feel free to call me Mel too. You already know I’m a photographer but below you will find five fun facts that’ll allow you to learn more about me as a person and how these facts intertwine with my job as a wedding photographer in Tampa.

How My Advertising Degree Has Helped Me Run my Tampa Wedding Photography Business

I have an advertising degree, which I obtained from the University of Tampa (Go Spartans) in 2010. I’m a creative person and enjoy coming up with cool ideas so advertising was a natural fit for me. Before I started photographing weddings in Tampa, I spent my career working with multi-billion dollar brands and media agencies, learning all about their businesses and how to set them apart from others. It was this foundation that helped me hit the ground running when I started my business and what has kept me in business.

Apple Inc. and Enriching Lives Through Wedding Photography

I am an Apple Inc. fan girl. I purchased my very first Apple product in 2007 and the rest is history. Instantly, I loved the user interface, design of the product itself and the ease of use. In my early 20’s, I even spent some time working at the local Apple Store here in Tampa and not only selling Apple product, but teaching customers how technology can change their lives. It was at Apple where I realized how much I loved enriching people’s lives and where I also decided to learn how to teach myself some of the programs I often spoke about with customers, like Photoshop and Lightroom, which most definitely would help me down the road as I began my career as a wedding photographer in Tampa.

Could Friends BE a Better Show to Have on While Editing Photos?

I am a self proclaimed FRIENDS trivia master. At the time of the blog post, I have never entered an official FRIENDS trivia contest, but don’t worry that won’t stop me from challenging anyone to a friendly contest about one of the best sitcoms off all time. FRIENDS is one of those shows that is literally always on TV via reruns so I was able to watch the entire series long before Netflix binging was a thing. I’ve probably seen every episode at least five times. Though it does not directly integrate with my career as a wedding photographer in Tampa, it is the show that is most likely to be in the background while I am editing photos from a wedding, which definitely counts for something. One of these days, I will enter an official trivia contest and I will win. 

Retro Styled Fujifilm Cameras Helping Me Perform as a Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer

I’m a sucker for vintage inspired products. Sometimes I honestly think I should have been born in another century. There is something so cool about retro inspired products that suck me right in! My favorite camera has to be what I currently photograph weddings with: Fujifilm X Series cameras. These cameras produce most of the beautiful images you see in my portfolio and are SO fun to shoot with. They come packed with top of the line technology while styled with the vibe of a an old-school film camera. They have all these dials on them that make them very enjoyable to use and help me perform my job as a Tampa Bay wedding photographer.

Labrador Retrievers= Best Pet and Photo Editing Partner

I think labs are the perfect pet. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love dogs. A couple of years ago we added a dog to the family and I knew I wanted it to be a lab. They are the quintessential family dog. Labs are big enough to make you feel protected while also being silly. We currently have a yellow lab named Tucker and he is just my favorite. Like most labs, he is goofy, boisterous and all around just a lot of fun. He can’t physically help me edit photos but he does enjoy keeping me company when I edit photos from a wedding. 

If you want to learn more about me, inquire about your upcoming wedding and just generally become best friends, reach out to me today! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

If you are curious on why I became a wedding photographer, check out this blog post.

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