Armature Works Weddings: Vendor Spotlight

Armature Works Weddings: Vendor Spotlight

Last century, Armature Works was a warehouse that served as a maintenance area for TECO streetcars and trolleys. This century, it’s restored to be a mixed use building consisting of food markets, restaurants, a co-working space and of course, event spaces. With it’s exposed brick, hardwood floors and views of downtown Tampa, Armature Works weddings are like no other. Armature Works can fit a wedding of any size, with it’s six (6) different event spaces. Whether you are having an intimate ceremony and reception with close family and friends or a huge traditional wedding, Armature Works weddings will be able to meet your needs.

I had my wedding reception at Armature Works and it was nothing short of amazing. As a wedding photographer, I wanted to sit down and chat with a couple of members of their events team, Sarah Elwood and Amy Osgood to get their take on Armature Works weddings as well as hear from them on the wedding industry as a whole. Below is my Q&A, keep reading!

Q: What do you think makes Armature Works weddings unique?

Sarah: The history that is behind the building. It isn’t a new and shiny venue, but a restored part of Tampas history that really resonates with people.

Amy: Multiple reasons. Armature Works has such rich history that ties it to Tampa. Our clients love the story behind Armature and its renovation. Being that our restoration kept a lot of the original character the brick walls and wood floors are decor enough, so not much needs to be done to the spaces in the way of decor.

Q: What is your favorite aspect about your venue?

Sarah: The character. A brick walls, beams and so much of the original components of the building were preserved. Both the gathering and theater do not need a ton of decor because the spaces look so unique by themselves.

Amy: The character and story behind the building, specifically the Theater. The ability to bring people together whether to celebrate a wedding, help raise money for a nonprofit or to spend some quality time with family & friends by enjoying our Heights Public Market, M.Bird rooftop bar and the outdoor areas with amazing views.

Q: What is your favorite area on the Armature Works property for photographs and why?

Sarah: Our lawn area off the Riverfront – it allows for the entire City of Tampa to be in the background and that is what Armature is all about; be part of Tampa.

Amy: Our lawn area with the city in the background- there is no other place in Tampa where you get the entire skyline.

Q: What has been your favorite/most memorable wedding that you’ve worked on at Armature Works and why?

Sarah: We hosted Santa Margherita Wine Tour. This event was nothing like I had ever contracted or planned before, with the client planning remotely out of New York. They created a “ wine maze” that lead to a 360 dome with full projection inside. Being the host venue for an event that was open to the public was a new challenge and was a nice change of pace from the typical social event. It came with a different set of logistical challenges that I had never faces and was a real learning opportunity.

Amy: Our first event in the Gathering Room in December 2017. It was a rather large party with 2000+ attendees. This client, I have personally worked with at past venues for 10+ years. She is one of my favorite clients and would do almost anything for her. We were down to the wire on getting the spaces/bathrooms ready for this party. Our entire team worked tirelessly all day to ensure that our team was set and ready for this party. It was a success and one that our team will never forget!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your jobs at Armature Works Weddings?

Sarah:  Interacting with clients. The personal connection and ability to be part of a special occasion is something not every job offers. Also, seeing these events come to life, from start to finish has a real sense of accomplishment to it.

Amy: Hands down working with people. I love helping a bride for her big day, or a non-profit finding the space for their annual fundraiser… Creating relationships with people, helping them on a special occasion is not something every job allows for. Our brides and grooms put an amazing amount of trust in our team to help bring their most special day to fruition. Having the opportunity to meet and work with our brides and grooms to make this happen is truly special. And a bonus when we are able to stay connected to them and have them come back for a baby shower or other special celebration, shows that we have been successful in creating a special relationship with our clients.

Q: What’s your favorite wedding trend right now?

Sarah: The use of mixed materials. We are starting to see the use of – different guest chairs, other than standard chiavari and wooden cross back. Upgraded tables, mixed with beautifully patterned linens. 

Amy: Weddings that use color and a lot of it. Don’t get me wrong, we all enjoy a traditional white or ivory wedding, but the ones that really go big with color are the ones that really stick out for me personally.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you would give to a bride before her wedding?

Sarah:RESEARCH ! Hands down the most important piece of information. In the excitement of getting engaged, so many brides start making appointments, calling and doing site tours without knowing: what their budget is, guest count and the average cost of a wedding.Going into conversations with a realistic budget, solid guest count and a list of conversations will be a time saver for sure.

Amy: To make sure that you have a videographer for your wedding. Photos will not capture every moment of your wedding, but to look back and watch your wedding day on a video….it is so worth it! Also, just really enjoy the day and don’t get lost in the process of planning a wedding. Getting married to the love of your life is what matters most….not if it rains and you have to go to your Plan B, or if a small detail did not happen as planned!

If you are in need of a wedding venue, I can promise from both a professional and personal standpoint, Armature Works weddings does not disappoint. Be sure to visit their site to request info on touring this one of a kind venue. And, of course, reach out to me if you are looking for a photographer to capture every detail of your amazing day! See below for some highlights from a wedding I recently shot there!

First Look
Pre-Ceremony Portraits
HUGE Wedding Party! Woohoo!
Ceremony Space: The Social Room
The Ceremony
Golden Hour Portraits
Reception Space: The Gathering
First Dance as Husband & Wife
Party Time!
Private Post Reception Dance
Bubble Exit!

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